We recommend using neutral detergents. Turn the garments inside-out. Any variations in the texture or colour are due to the character of the natural fabrics we use. They are not imperfections. 

Always use the cold wash cycle and never leave the garment to soak. Handle gently and do not rub. We do not recommend using bleach. Fold the garment over the line to prevent misshaping and hang dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry.


We recommend using the lowest setting. For dark colours, never press directly. Place a towel between the garment and the iron to avoid the iron "shine". Personally, we like steam ironing best or just wearing it naturally scrunched for the relaxed look we love.

Dry Cleaning

We refrain from dry cleaning to keep the use of chemicals down. However, if you prefer, dry cleaning can be used for dresses and jackets.