Our Story


Our Story

"We know every wardrobe contains a story. We'd like to be part of yours." --Nana Chen

Nana Chen launched NANETTE in 2015. The Taipei-born founder and creative director packed her first suitcase at six and moved with her nomadic family to Manila, Buenos Aires, Santiago, La Paz, Atlanta and other places.

As a girl, Nana was taught by her mother to wear only natural materials and to distinguish the subtle differences between them. Later in life, Nana continued to travel widely as an international lifestyle journalist, a TV host and a photographer/photojournalist. Her photography is collected internationally and has been featured in The Observer Magazine (UK), Marie Claire, Esquire, Elle Decor, D-la Repubblica and many more.  

The first NANETTE pieces were designed to travel with Nana on assignment. These day-to-night versatile styles came to shape NANETTE's signature. Above all, NANETTE reflects Nana's love for all things genuine and the global cultures that enrich us. 

NANETTE uses materials that are ethically sourced. All clothes are made locally in Saigon to help support the community.